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Because we see the Silverlining in all situations

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I am Dr. Secil and I’ve always wondered how the “Big Trucks” operated. Remember when we were kids, feeling the strength as a huge truck going pass the family car and you holding your arm up pretending to yank on a the horn string, then all of a sudden the driver pulls the horn and the truck belches out a huge loud weird sound? That sound would make my day the rest of the week. My son is my oldest child and has been driving moving trucks, appliance trucks, and box trucks for years. Once COVID hit and the transport system of the United States made many morning news headlines, I began to think how can I be of assistance for a solution. The thought of “see a need, fill a need” was brewing in my thoughts daily. My son and I brainstormed and before we knew it Sethan completed the CDL license and certificate. In combination of the transportation system of goods across all 48 states, business inspiration, and helping others, birth “Silverline Express, LLC”, “because we see the silverlining in all situations” Yes, a mom and son operation, a team, a family, connecting with other businesses in hopes of building a bigger plan, a opportunity of insight, safety, and trust while assuring companies that we will get their products to the desired destination, decent and in order, and on time. Reliability is key, mapping and strategic planning starts with health, rest, clear vision, thoughts, and security.

Our Services

We find the best rates and routes for your shipment. From the moment you call us until after your freight reaches its final destination, you can trust Silverline Express LLC to deliver on time – every time.

Here's How

  • Safety: Getting there fast does not matter if your freight is damaged in transit. Ensuring the right storage equipment is available for your cargo guarantees it arrives in pristine condition. Safety never takes a backseat to schedule, both for your freight and our driving teams – period.
  • Speed: Through detailed route planning, appropriate staffing, and right-sized vehicles, Silverline Express LLC is able to create a faster, more consistent shipping experience for when you needed that part yesterday.
  • Service: Customer service is the bedrock of Silverline Express LLC. Call your dedicated expediting agent any time, 24/7/365, before, during, or after your delivery. We will update your order’s location, provide free estimates for future deliveries and give you multiple shipping options to meet any budget. Whether it is a regular shipment across town, across the country, or an emergency expedite request burning a hole in your production schedule, Silverline Express LLC is your solution.
  • Strategy: Our recipe for your expedited freight success is a comprehensive logistics strategy based on long experience. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re constantly looking at what is new in the industry to improve the speed and reliability of express deliveries.

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Because we see the Silverlining in all situations

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